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October 19, 2018

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Welcome to 2019: Introduction to the creators!

February 11, 2019

 Hello lovely people! It's a new year and I am so excited to get this inclusive horror community off the ground and running this year! We have a lot planned and have so much amazing spooky content to share with you. 


I thought in the spirit of the new year I'd like to introduce the creators currently working in our collective. 



Augie Peterson - horror writer and podcaster. she/her


 Augie is a fantastic horror short-story writer, who hosts her own podcast. She also does snarky movie reviews of old problematic movies. She has a new book out and is also working with the artist Jessica F Holt, who is creating digital paintings for her short horror stories. Find her work at her website here and/or subscribe to her podcast on Podbean or Itunes!


"As a kid, I would write story after story about this and that, but could never write an ending. After years of stifling my creativity because of what I would always call writer's block, I found a few horror stories without endings that still, somehow, made sense. So, I tried my hand at writing horror and people loved it. Since then, I've been hooked and no other genre works with my style of writing like horror does."


Follow her on Twitter

Or visit her Website for more info!


Giske Grosslaub - dark fantasy comic artist and illustrator. she/her


 Comic creator of dark fantasy comics, Giske created the amazing macabre tale that is the Obscurus comic. Full of beautiful imagery, occult tales, mysteries and dark tidings. She has a new comic currently running this year: "Tales of the Hangman"! A swashbuckling fantasy adventure series in early baroque style." 


"I've always loved dark and spooky things from an early age on, even when I wasn't quite aware of it. The stories I tell and art I make always had and have a supernatural element to them. It's just something that feels natural to me."


Find her work on Tapas!  

Follow her on Twitter !



Lara Kaa- Writer of and about Games. Comics writer, editor/co-founder of Feminist Comics Network Berlin and podcaster. she/her


 Lara is lead singer, screamer in a band called And Still we Chase the Sun, she also does amazing work with the Feminist Comics Network Berlin. Last year she took over the position at Comic Book Invasion as Head of the festival (huzzah!), which will take place in Berlin, Germany in May. CIB is one of the best comic festivals in Berlin, it's inclusive and welcoming. I know from experience, since I've tabled there the last two years and had wonderful experiences. Check out her twitter for daily updates on her many adventures.


 "I'm a writer, journalist and podcaster. I often use my writings as an outlet for my inner turmoil, so it's only natural that I'm drawn to the horror genre. I prefer atmospheric horror, though, with only rare moments of physical horror. I haven't written horror in a while so the collective is the perfect way to get back to it. The devil in me knows I need it."


Find her on Twitter



Jonas Holt- Comics artist, illustrator and all around maker. he/him


 Jonas is currently working on several projects, one being the queer horror romance comic Ginger Bane with his partner Jessica Holt as the writer. You can find his work at the website jonasroof.com and soon to come youtube channel! Check out his twitter for weekly art updates.


"Despite the fact that I've long drawn art with monsters, my relationship with horror only started a few years ago due to exposure through my lovely wife Jessica. I appreciate it for it's societal introspection. It's a perfect vehicle to talk about dark and difficult strands of humanity in a way that's safe, but does convey the seriousness of these themes. "



Jessica Holt- Oil painter, writer, Founder of Artemisia's Axe and the Corpse's Tongue. she/her



 A creator of many macabre creative projects Jessica is currently working on a new oil painting series called The Nature of Death, it explores the connectivity between nature, humans and death, as well as bringing art to the continuing positive discussions and conversations about death created by the death positive community. She also writes short horror stories, is the writer of the Ginger Bane comic, a queer horror romance comic with illustrator Jonas Holt. She is also a co-founder of the awesome Feminist Comics Network Berlin and dog mom to the cuddle monster that is Watson.


Visit her website and online-store at jessicafholt.com 

Or follow her on Twitter


"Horror is a way for me to deal with the real life horrors I've experienced in the past and present. I have always loved the macabre, horror, gothic, fantasy creative people in the world who have given me the strength to be my own person and enjoy what I love. Knowing I have a community of supportive people around me is something so special to me, it's hard to put into words. It's why I wanted to create this space so, I could start giving back to it in a way that uplifts creators, who are often excluded from larger horror conversations, so that we may grow a more inclusive horror community."







 We have some great plans for 2019: zines, scary story blogs, comics, vlogs and guest blogs. For now I hope you visit our wonderful creators websites, blogs, podcasts comics and enjoy some amazing creations. 








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