Trick or Treat Stim Box

Trick or Treat Stim Box

We have another fun stim and sensory gift box! This time we have some colorful, retro and squishy toys!
	The box comes with Jack o'Lantern trick or treat pail and the following items:
	Rainbow Heart Pop Sheet Magic
	Rubiks Snake 
Bouncing Putty
	Retro Kaleidoscope
	Pumpkin Slime
	Unicorn Poop Slime
	Magic Cotton Sand Super
	Retro Harmonica
	Pop Spinner
	Monster String Toy
	Halloween Drum Spinner

Each item has been tested by us. We would suggest that no children under the age of 5 have access to the toys without adult supervision. If you have any questions about the box please get in touch via our contact form. We will do our best to answer your inquiry in a timely fashion.