Give the gift of ghosts! Celebrate spooky season with our ghost gift bags. Each type of ghost bag has different gifts. *Please note price varies depending on size of ghost bag.


 Mega Ghost tier comes with 11oz ghost choir mug, a handmade Ghost Plushie, a sparklie Haunted Bouncy Castle enamel pin,a purple ghost plant pot, a handmade ghost coin purse, a holographic pizza ghost sticker and a paper ghost bookmark!


Surprise Ghost Tier- comes with a mix of anything listed here if you like a surprise this if for you! is on the large size.


Medium Ghost Tier: 11oz ghost choir mug, a ghost plant pot, a holographic pizza ghost sticker and a paper ghost bookmark!


Micro Ghost tier comes with a 11oz ghost choir mug, a pizza ghost sticker, ghost bookmark and skeleton pencil with skeleton eraser because ghosts and skeletons be friends <3


*Please check our pillow products for proper dimensions. Pillows are couch size pillows and handmade with soft breathable cotton.* If you would like different fabric from what's pictured pls message us we have a huuuuuuge selection of spooky fabrics  which you can also see swatches of in our spooky pillow products section. ^_^

Ghost Gift Bag