Jack O' Lanterns

About The Haunted Bouncy Castle

Hello we are Jinx and Jonas, we are the creative partnership behind The Haunted Bouncy Castle! We've been creating art together for 6 years and are excited to have our own creative small business in Glasgow, Scotland.

  Our online shop offers unique halloween inspired gifts with original designs from Jessica and Jonas.  Spooky handmade pillows, ghost bags, witchy enamel pins, prints, mugs and more are available to add some flare to your collection of gothic decor.

We are currently in the process of opening a physical location in Glasgow but due to recent events we are hoping for a fall or winter opening,  so keep your eyes peeled for updates on our website www.thehauntedbouncycastle.com or sign up for our email list!

We also run a micro press Artemisia's Axe & The Corpse's Tongue which is now open for submissions for our 2nd queer horror anthology Skull& Spells.



Moral Officer and Head of Cuddles Department. Secretly plays the Nintendo switch when no ones looking. Encourages cuddle breaks for maximum, positive work experience.

We are queer, neuro diverse people who believe in an inclusive world and will not stand for racism, trans/homo/bi/ace phobia or erasure. 

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